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What Are Sealants?

Sealants are protective coatings that can be applied to the biting surfaces of your back teeth. While pediatric patients are the most viable candidates for sealants, the procedure can be just as beneficial for adults. Sealants act as a barrier between the bacteria and plaque in your mouth and the teeth. They can prevent cavities, staining and other problems from developing.

why might sealants be needed

Why Might Sealants Be Needed?

You might want or even need sealants because your teeth are susceptible to tooth decay. Patients who already have many fillings in their mouth may benefit from sealants. Children who have poor eating and brushing habits may find sealants to be beneficial in saving and preserving their baby teeth. The procedure to place sealants is easy, quick and noninvasive.

who is a candidate for sealants

Who Is a Candidate for Sealants?

We will perform an exam and help in identifying if you would need or benefit from sealants. You’re a good candidate for sealants if you have vulnerable teeth, already have many fillings or if you have a child who doesn’t have the best brushing habits. Sealants can stay in place for about one to four years. They can be reapplied as necessary to keep your teeth fully protected.

What Occurs During the Sealant Process?

We first sit you or your child in our office. We then clean and fully dry the teeth and brush on the liquid sealant. The sealant is only brushed on the biting surfaces of only the back teeth, as these are the most vulnerable to decay. We then cure the sealant into place using a bright lighting device. This hardens the sealant and prevents it from moving or washing away. We can check on your sealants at each of your twice-yearly dental checkup appointments. They be reapplied as they wear away or on an as-needed basis to keep your teeth clean and protected.

If you would like to come into our office for sealants or you have a child who would benefit from the procedure, call our office today and we can further assist you.

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