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What Are Ceramic Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are specifically meant to cover teeth that have become compromised. A tooth is considered compromised if it’s broken, cracked or fractured. Teeth that have had a root canal performed as well as teeth with large amounts of filling may need to eventually be crowned. Ceramic crowns aren’t just aesthetically-pleasing, but they’re durable and can last for decades. The procedure is quick, easy and can be highly beneficial to the health and look of your smile.

Why Are Ceramic Dental Crowns Needed?

You may want or need a dental crown if a tooth has fractured or broken. Likewise, a crown may be needed if a tooth has had a root canal or has a large filling in it. Crowns are incredibly beneficial as they help to improve the look of your smile while simultaneously improving oral function. It’ll be easier for you to eat and chew when you have a crown placed over a tooth that’s sharp, jagged and uncomfortable.

crown example

Who’s a Good Candidate for Ceramic Dental Crowns?

We will perform an exam to determine if you may need a dental crown. Most patients who need a crown can safely have the procedure done with no ill side effects. Crowns are long-lasting, so you can enjoy a restoration that lasts for many decades without needing repair or replacement. Crowns are ideal for permanent adult teeth and may be needed if you’ve recently had an implant placed.

What Happens During the Procedure for Ceramic Dental Crowns?

First, we administer a local anesthetic to the area to make the procedure more comfortable for you. The next step is filing down the tooth in question to create a stable foundation for the new crown. Impressions are taken to make a new crown for you that matches your existing dentition. You’ll go home with a temporary crown in place and be scheduled for a second appointment. The second appointment involves removing the temporary crown and placing the permanent one.

If you think you might benefit from a ceramic dental crown, call us today and our friendly staff members can further assist you.

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